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Prints and Works on Paper

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Papel Picado

Papel picado is the traditional Mexican folk-art of cut paper. The most common examples are tissue paper banners which are used decoratively. The origins of this artform can be traced to pre-Columbian  Mayan papermakers.




Student Work


Multi-state intaglio project: For this assignment students were asked to inflict some sort of mark onto their copper plates through non-traditional means. They were then instructed to proof their plates and use those marks as inspiration for their drypoint imagery. After printing their plates they had to rework them in order to create an entirely new state, distinct from the previous two.



Monotype assignment: Students are shown several different ways of making marks, then encouraged to use each of them. Students are asked to work in series and think about rhythm and sequence.



Reductive woodcut assignment: Here the students are shown multiple registration systems. Their entire image is carved from a single piece of wood that is re-carved, re-inked, and reprinted in order to create the final composition.