© 2011 Nuno Nuñez

Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

North Shore Tradition, a reductive woodcut by Nuno Nuñez takes 4th place at the 2014 MN State Fair


Dangles and Snipes, a suite of ten etchings by artist David Rathman takes 3rd place. This body of work was produced by Highpoint Editions in 2013, and was printed by Nuno Nuñez along with other Highpoint staff and interns.

Also, a big congratulations to Josh Bindewald, Highpoint Center for Printmaking’s Co-op and Exhibitions Manager, who took 1st place. Looks like we swept the category.

If you happen to visit the fair also keep an eye out for other co-op members Mike Elko, Travis EricksonJohn Pearson (honorable mention), and Amira Pualwan, who were all included in this year’s exhibition. Sorry if I am forgetting others who should be listed here.



An upcoming exhibition of work by artist Aaron Spangler. This work was produced at Highpoint Editions over the last two years. Opening night is October 10th, 2014 at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, MN.

“El Milagro” Exhibit at Intermedia Arts 2011